A Beef With Everything

by The K1500 Project

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Some rave reviews in;

Mum: "Well if you makes you happy then that's great love" (takes a huge slug of her glass of wine)

Sister: "Wow, you're still doing stuff, that's, ummm, really great. Got any jobs interviews lately?"

Best mate: "Dude, it's so great that you're still doing this stuff, I wish I had the tenacity to stick with something that I enjoyed but I was no good at!"

Neighbours: "WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP" (Shouted from their balcony during a barbeque).

Not professional. Not market focused. Not a labour of love - but I loved the labour.


released June 29, 2017

All composition, performance, mixing and mastering by S Common.



all rights reserved


The K1500 Project Wellington, New Zealand

Lazily motivated and generically inspired. Professionally amateur. Not a labour of love but loved the labour.

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Track Name: Herman's Underrated
He's just a silver fox not forked of tongue or quick to scare
It's just that he's a linguist staring down the grizzly bears
But trouble comes in double and he never works alone
He needs a heavy hitter versed in analytical modes
And here is Herman but no hands are raised into the air
They'll pick apart the systems polecon shows just ain't fair

He's a man who know what he wants
And he wants to understand
The source of propaganda
All across the dying land

They're a dynamic duo built to spill but not to smash
Mixed methods rock the logic citing of the rich cash stash
But methods lead to markets, lead to filters, five of each
Deploy some frameworks and action analytical speech
And still in Herman it's his burden to present these wares
Toiling ever onward without reward until the futures clear
Track Name: Pleasing Loops
As we walk outside into the sunlight
Out from the slow fight over the small slights
In time to be right
But then the rhythm falls away
Steps falter heart beat slows in time to watch this end
Time warps feel like were going round the bend
Maybe we're not built for this life,
Over judged and under valued
Somethings got to be less skewed than taking time to think it through...
Maybe it is us not them
Everyone has got a plan
About how they'll make their stand
Heartbeats and foot steps sync up
Driving the rhythm forward
Over the terrain
Passing under our feet and giving
Shapes for us to hold onto
And maybe this is just a clue
About the cycles that we groove
And how we live these pleasing loops

These pleasing loops are yours for free

Back to, disrhythm
And we're out of step once again
It isn't quite unexpected
Stumble and falter
Fumble and halt
But try to keep the pace that's driving on without us
One foot, in front of the next
Keep it up we'll get there yet
To get the cycles that we groove
And then we'll live these pleasing loops

These pleasing loops are yours for free.
Track Name: Positivism Will Not Save Us
This is what you get when an electrical engineer thinks he understands the purpose of food
Gastrointestinal havoc and a hatred of the shared experience at a table
And living in a shipping container is practical because space has no influence on the way we behave
You'll never wash the smell of flatulence from your clothes
You just buy another set because they're cheaper to produce in China anyway
Forget the cadmium and the lead
They're just elements that make up the world
Even if they are making you sick.

This is what you get when a computer programmer thinks he understands how people communicate
If it can't be quantified then it doesn't exist as it cannot be turned into an income source and is useless to the advertising class
And people seem surprised that when you strip away the linguistic signifiers we have an illusion of communication.
Conversation is now content
Content is now snackable
Digital networks are the soylent of the communication world
But the vulture capitalists are happy with this as we don't seem to have the sense to eat the rich.
Speaking of which
If Peter Thiel tastes like veal do we serve him with a local red or white,
Will not save us
Will not save us from ourselves
Track Name: The Rationals
I'm a golden one, Flexing pec's and flowing locks man
Ain't got no shirt, Have all cultural marxists on the run man
I read a lot, But only if there's dwarves and elves man
But that's okay, I know I'm right because

We're the rationals
Agree with us

I'm an ancient ruler, Or maybe I've mistaken that
I'll speak for hours, And never make a fucking point
I'm doing research, But never read past the abstract
But that's okay, I know I'm right because

We're the rationals
Agree with us

Now we're onto a prize motherfucker
Steepled fingers and a trilby hat
Drinking whiskey every single second
What the fuck is up with that
Are those toy skulls on the shelf
For $15K a month
You'd think we'd getter a better class of
Ayn Randy alpha male cunt

We're the rationals
Agree with us
Where's my testosterone cream!